West Yorkshire Police

The National VIPER Bureau is a service developed, owned and managed by West Yorkshire Police which is utilised by the UK police to produce video identification (ID) parades. They contracted Richlyn to develop a bespoke video capture application to replace the incumbent hardware based solution.


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There are over 30 police forces in the UK which rely on the National VIPER Bureau to produce their video ID parades. The system has been in use since 1997 and has been successfully and routinely presented at court for many years. With video technology constantly changing, they needed a hardware-independent way of recording video.

With over 20 years experience in providing high quality bespoke applications, Richlyn were able to provide the National Viper Bureau with a solution which worked with various different recording devices and recorded video in a format consistent with their current specification.

Features of this project
Bespoke Software Bespoke Software Fully Configurable Bespoke Software User Configurable Video Recording Video Recording Device Independent Bespoke Software Device Independent
The Bespoke Software

National Viper Bureau Bespoke Software Screenshot The bespoke video capture application can utilise a wide variety of video recording hardware to record clips of a user defined length. It was developed to an exact specification provided by the National Viper Bureau.

It is fully configurable and many aspects of the final video format can be changed, as well as more bespoke options as specified by West Yorkshire Police. This allows for greater flexibility in the future and ensures that the application is tailored exactly to the project requirements.

The project was built using the latest .Net development tools to ensure its longevity and compatibility with a wide range of operating software.

The Completed Project
West Yorkshire Police Bespoke Software Screenshot National Viper Bureau Bespoke Software Screenshot 2
National Viper Bureau Bespoke Software Screenshot 3
National Viper Bureau Bespoke Software Screenshot 4