Bespoke Web Systems

Our bespoke applications are what we are best known for. Whatever your requirements, we can develop a solution for your needs. With a bespoke web based system, your business need not be centrally based; your accounts can be managed in one place while your day-to-day tasks take place in another. You can even keep an eye on things while you're offshore.

Bespoke Web Development
  • Structure transactions clearly in a tabular, organised format.
  • Navigate the system via the clear and simple built in side menu.
  • View current products, prices and categories easily.
  • Easily see which products are currently web enabled.

    Update and delete current products by the click of a button.
  • Select from a range of graphs and charts to show your results in a clearer, professional format.

Richlyn has earned a superb reputation for the software it has developed and its close working relationship with its clients. With experience and expertise in creating highly advanced, bespoke online and offline applications, Richlyn have the ability to take on any bespoke web development project, regardless of size.

Richlyn's powerful bespoke web systems use the latest technology to create e-commerce solutions, property management back office systems, web based dental ordering and processing system with integrated accounts and a multitude of offline solutions and more.

With several years bespoke web development expertise, Richlyn have gained a reputation for high quality, cost effective, well maintained professional bespoke web solutions.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Richlyn's bespoke web systems are written using a variety of cutting edge techniques that are best suited to your particular requirements.

We have several years experience in providing leading .NET systems using the latest AJAX technology. Developed by Microsoft, .NET is an incredibly powerful technology that allows 'software like' applications to be deployed on the web and therefore accessible from any location via a simple web-browser.

Why be confined to an office when you have the freedom to work from anywhere? Richlyn fully believe this is the future even for large bespoke systems with integrated accounts. See our Crown and Bridge project for an excellent example.

Please look through our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about our bespoke systems.


Reports are a great way of displaying data and can be produced in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. Richlyns reports are flexible to either incorporate your company logo or be created to fit in with your companies letterheaded paper requirements. Weather you would like the system to email out the report on creation or simply save the report into the system to view at a later date, Richlyn can provide a web reporting system for your business needs..

Reports are generated using our built in report writing package. Please use the following link to view a demo report. Demo Report Report Document

Integrate graphsGraphs can also be added seamlessly into the system to improve the viewing of data, ranging from a line graph to a pie chart.

Example Data

Here is a very simple example of how we can display data on the web using the latest AJAX techniques and either PHP or .NET based web solutions. Notice that paging, sorting and filtering are smooth and responsive, just how you might expect when using an offline software application.

All Data report by Richlyn Systems, Sheffield Web Design Orders Not Sent By Country
All Data Orders Not Sent

By making extensive use of these techniques we can blur the boundaries between accessible-anywhere web systems and the more traditional software solutions, to give you a system that works for you, wherever you are.