Property Management Software - PIMS (Property Integrated Management Software)

PIMS is a comprehensive integrated Windows based Property Management and Accounting system designed by chartered surveyors experienced in property management. The property management software is easy to use and is totally interactive between modules.

Property Management Software - PIMS
Bespoke Software - PIMS by Richlyn Systems, Sheffield Website Design

PIMS provides comprehensive property management software solutions for investment Companies, Managing Agents, Owner-occupiers, & Multiple Tenancies.

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Key Features:

Bespoke Software - PIMS Screenshot by Richlyn Systems, Sheffield Web Design
Bespoke Software - PIMS Screenshot 2 by Richlyn Systems, Sheffield Website Design
  • PIMS is a truly interactive system of all property management and accounting functions
  • End user friendly property management software
  • Facility to "switch" between active modules
  • Multi group, sub group and company structure
  • Lease wizard providing users with simple and logical data entry format
  • Rent roll by group, sub group, company, property
  • Automatic logging of changes to records
  • Over 100 standard reports
  • All PIMS reports can be saved in a variety of formats, attached to an Email or transferred to spreadsheets, word processors etc. All reports have a print preview facility
  • Full "drill down"
  • Easy to use windows interface with "Outlook" style menus
  • Integrated document manager for photos, leases, plans, and correspondence.
  • Comprehensive diary for Event Management.
  • Extensive Credit Control Features including Final Demands, Bailiffs and Solicitors Letters.
  • PIMS includes the Importing/Exporting of data.
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) from the property management software to other applications - word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

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