The University of Sheffield

The FRAX® algorithms give the 10-year probability of fracture for patients, allowing better diagnosis for patients including the elderly and those who may otherwise be at risk.

The FRAX® website is used worldwide and as such is required to be multi-language. There are now models available to 58 countries, with Kuwait being the latest addition.

The tool is freely available and is used for around 2.8 million fracture calculations per year.

Richlyn have worked with The University of Sheffield for a number of years now and continue to support them with any ongoing developments.

What they have to say

"As relative novices, we welcomed Richlyn's expertise and found the whole process to be much smoother and efficient than we had anticipated. They listened to what we wanted, though we couldn't always describe this in technical language, and were able to translate this into finished products that we and others have been very pleased with. All of the staff at Richlyn are very approachable and there are all of the benefits of dealing with a relatively small but enthusiastic company. When our website is live in the near future, we will certainly acknowledge the huge part that Richlyn played in putting the project together."

- Dr Eugene McCloskey, Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Bone Diseases